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Market Analysis and Expected targets during 2018

December is particularly volatile for non-key pairs and therefore we do not recommend trading on non-major currencies or indices and only trading on major pairs during that period
2017's closures are very important, on the one hand, the closing of the Dollar index is very important for determining the general trend in the first months of next year
The GBPUSD closures will also be very important to determine the confidence of traders in the recovery of the currency
The Euro is not expected to witness a major impact during the coming period. There are no significant events impeding its movement and it is expected that the movement will remain confined below 1.19 levels for a period which we will be able to confirm from our far targets at 1.3 next year.
Gold also proved to be a safe haven despite loud talk about digital currencies and their impact but gold keeps its chance to rise to about 1400 over the next year

Expected targets during 2018
Our bet remains at 1.4 levels over the next year and so far trading above 1.35 supports our view of 1.4

Current trades at 150 levels support our view of targeting 155 levels next year

Trading above 1.199 so far supports our view of targeting 1.3 levels through 2018

Trading the first support level (1298) supports our view of targeting 1400 levels in 2018. Gold may not hinder the rise of the current 1300 barrier except to leak liquidity into indicators and currencies

The pair remains the most dangerous on the yen's side, not strong enough to threaten 103 levels, the standard targets for sellers this year. On the other hand, the yen is not showing a weakening weakness against the dollar, which is also weak enough to meet buyers targets at 120
Therefore, we prefer to remain neutral towards the JPY until the end of the year

The Euro is trading at 133 levels and is not retreating towards 128 levels, which supports our view targeting 135 levels in the coming year so we prefer to keep our positions open without closing.

Buy down 1.35 stop loss at 1.28 and take profit 1.4
Buy down 150.50 levels stop loss at 149 take profit 155
Buy below 1.199 stop loss 1.185 take profits 1.3
Buy down 133 levels Stop Loss 129 take Profit 135

Buy below 1297 levels Stop Loss 1200 Take Profit 1400
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