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For long-term investments are back to 2014 levels

I am back to what I have seen for some time now, which is the possibility of returning to the levels of 2014 and 2013. If the technical outlook for the weekly and monthly charts is intact, we are moving towards a return to levels we have already experienced over the years 2013 and 2014

The main currencies go in that direction in parallel with each other and you always find reasons either news and geopolitical that reinforce that trend or find technical reasons that drive towards that direction
The dollar is strongly supported by low oil prices for below $ 30 a barrel, in addition to the Trump puzzle in its need for a cheap dollar
The Eurozone is recovering from a realistic but highly realistic economy in Germany
Britain managed to restrain the pound and allowed a lot to go before it started to put it in a balanced position and a fair trading rate, even if there was no British exit, we were trading at levels close to 2 dollars per pound
Japan does not seem to be happy with the strength of the yen overpriced and the prices around 120 for the dollar and 140 against the euro will be more favorable to them
Australia, which is used in the measurement of gold excretions, is jumping a lot, but it may not last very long when 0.9000 levels start to intervene aggressively to curb its currency.
New Zealand applies to Australia
Gold is also trying to reach the 1500 levels but it does not have enough momentum as liquidity leaks into equity markets on the one hand and the cypto craze on the other
May need to retreat towards the 1200 levels before targeting the 1500 levels
So I bet on the following levels
EUR USD       1.35
GBP USD       1.69
USD JPY        123
EUR JPY        140
GOLD             1215  then 1500

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