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A calculated adventure to double forex account through just two trades

I spoke at the beginning of the week about the existence of investment opportunities in the markets, which are the opportunities that block the three thousand pip for one deal
During this month, I made sure to trade on a daily basis until I was sure of the opportunities I was waiting for

The proven chances are buying EURUSD from current levels (slightly higher or slightly lower) and GBPUSD (slightly higher or slightly lower)
The goals are the 2014 peaks
Now to make it clearer I put the same trades that I opened on my trading account
Buy EURUSD from current levels
The stop loss is 1.16337
Target 1.39527
The loss of the micro-lot is equivalent to $ 70
Profits for micro-lot equals $ 163
Expected time is 90 days

Buy GBP USD from current levels
Stop loss 1.27973
Target 1.71358
The loss of the micro-lot is equivalent to $ 122
Profits for micro-lot equals $ 310
Expected time is 90 days

How to deal with it
We have two ways to deal with it
The first method is to keep in a special trading account an amount equal to the margin required about $ 5 + $ 200 additional = $ 205

The second method is to place triple amount around $ 600 so that we can repurchase from new key support levels that will appear after about a month from now

Expected earnings for two deals without repurchase = $ 430
The expected profits of the two deals in case of repurchase are not yet determined
Potential losses = $ 190

I will post a daily follow-up of the two trades during the 90-day trading session

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